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Born in the high deserts of New Mexico and now residing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the music of Wild Faith is an invitation to dance to the heartbeat of the Earth, shake with the rhythms of the Mystery, and find oneself rooted and centered during these potent and unprecedented times.


Leonardo Armijo—lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Wild Faith—has refined his capacity to channel the medicine of sky and water, soil and spirit, into a cohesive body of work that says just as much about his own journey through life as it does about our collective evolution.


Spanning multiple genres and building upon various chapters of Leonardo’s life, Wild Faith is a testament to the healing power of plant medicine, sacred pilgrimage, ancestral homecoming, and the untold magic of living in alignment with the Earth. Leonardo’s songs feel at once relevant and timeless, grounded in this world and filled with otherworldly charm.




On his most recent full-length album, All I Can See, Leonardo weaves love and heartache, loss and redemption, courage and adventure, and the undeniable grace in every human heart into a tale of finding oneself, one’s roots, and one’s purpose and meaning in this world. 


The vocals—from the deeply soothing to the vivacious and impassioned—evoke an essential knowing that we are all connected to one another and to something much greater than ourselves. We are here to live out our unique mission to this world and to offer our gifts in service to the betterment of all beings. Through the music of Wild Faith, Leonardo is doing just that.


Wild Faith is what happens when songs are given their wings, music becomes a prayer, and people and planet come together to write a new story and dream a new dream.

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