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Connecting land, spirit and music to embody a confluence of worlds

Over 20 years of musical performance and activism conspire in a unique folk rock expression. Notably haunting vocals and masterful guitar carry a lifetimes of stories. Influences of note range from Bob Dylan to Ray LaMontagne to Xavier Rudd to Hozier and Brandi Carlile.

Wild Faith has been the winner of several performance based festival entries and was a winner of the Star Water Collective's ARISE battle of the bands and would play on their big stage later that year opening for Elijah Ray.  

Wild Faith continues to release powerful, moving music with 2021's tracks ghosts, Sing Along, 2020's All I Can See and 2019's The Longest Journey: an Acoustic Experience with Wild Faith.


Following the release of 2019's The Longest Journey, Moriel O'Connor of the Bolder Beat gave this review of the performance:

"Leo is a storyteller with impeccable rhythm and musical talent. His songs show an appreciation for sacred places and all aspects of nature, including the human experience and all its vulnerabilities. While he sings, passion rings through his voice and medicine moves through his fingers."

With roots in folk and soul Wild Faith traverses diverse musical soundscapes working to re-wild the spirit. Questioning society's demands and listening from a deeper place, realignment with the natural world begins. As this shift unfolds, trust and faith connect to a deeper knowing beyond words.

Wild Faith navigates vulnerability and rawness with care and presence through use of visual lyrics, dynamic vocals and superb song writing.


Shows are dynamic and engaging and in moments have audiences dancing or in tears. Every show is different and Leonardo's ability to cypher and compose in the flow ensures every experience is once in a lifetime.

Wild Faith performed at 2019's Water Lantern Festival in Fort Collins, ARISE Music and Yoga festival in 2019, 2017 and 2016. Wild Faith has made appearances at Sonic Bloom (2017) and LOCO Music Fest (2018).

A New Mexico native of Spanish, Native American, Mexican and Mediterranean ancestry, Leonardo was raised in an environment of polarities that left him with a deep reverence and love of the natural world. He views music as an opportunity to connect community, people and land for the restoration of the Sacred.

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