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Wild Faith is an invitation to dance to the heartbeat of the Earth, shake with the rhythms of the Mystery, and find oneself rooted and centered during these potent and unprecedented times.

Musically, Wild Faith navigates vulnerability with care and presence through use of visual lyrics, dynamic vocals and superb acoustic guitar accompaniment. Wild Faith creates engaging, dynamic shows that in moments have an audience dancing and in the next or same can have them in tears. Every show is different and Leonardo's ability to cypher and compose in the flow ensures every experience is once in a lifetime.​

Leonardo Armijo—lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Wild Faith—has refined his capacity to channel the medicine of sky and water, soil and spirit, into a cohesive body of work that says just as much about his own journey through life as it does about our collective evolution.

Wild Faith loves connecting on a soul level to each individual and this can range from a soothing soundscape to high energy dancing vibes. Inspiration has been drawn from larger acts like Xavier Rudd, Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, and Brandi Carlile. Whatever your audience looks like, Wild Faith will find a way to connect and keep them deeply engaged.

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Spanning multiple genres and building upon various chapters of Leonardo’s life, Wild Faith is a testament to the healing power of plant medicine, sacred pilgrimage, ancestral homecoming, and the untold magic of living in alignment with the Earth.



Accolades & festivals:

2023 SONIC BLOOM Festival (CO)

2022 Town of Mountain View Annual Festival(CO)

2022 CU Med School Earth Day Celebration (CO)

2021 Remembrance Day Festival (CO)

2021 MLB Allstar VIP Party (CO)

2019 Fort Collins Climate Action Celebration (CO)

2019 Fort Collins Water Lanter Festival (CO)

2019 ARISE Music & Yoga Festival (CO)

2018 LOCO Fest (CO)

2017 ARISE Music & Yoga Festival (CO)

2017 Sonic Bloom Music Festival (CO)

2016 Friend's Fest (CO)

2016 ARISE Music & Yoga Festival (CO)

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